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Numbness, the silent void that envelops your senses, dampening the vibrancy of life. It's the disconnection you feel from the world around you, a protective barrier that sometimes becomes a prison. This emotional insulation, while perhaps a respite from pain or overwhelming feelings, can leave you adrift, detached from the joys and sorrows that give life its color. Remember: No amount of numbness will bridge the gap between you and your experiences. It only distances you from the richness of living fully. Let the sounds invite gentle awareness to each moment, allowing it to thaw the frost within, to reconnect with the tapestry of sensations and emotions that make you wholly alive.

Duration: 10:55 min

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Collections: Catharsis Tags: Anhedonia, Apathy, Atonement, Catharsis, Detachment, Emptiness, Ennui, Impassivity, Indifference, Langour, Lethargy, Listlessness, Numbness

How to use

The most important part is that you close your eyes, breathe and listen.
To get the most out of your sound journey, please carefully read the instructions below.

Cathartic Sounds are best used in a tranquil and peaceful setting. Make sure you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes and that your phone is in airplane mode. Find a comfortable position, either seated in a lotus position, in a comfortable chair or laying down. Make sure that your spine is straight to ensure ideal energy flow and unrestricted breathing. Try to not drink any coffee or take any other stimulants at least a couple hours before. These sounds are designed to help you overcome difficult emotional states, but always make sure to listen to your intuition and only begin a journey when you feel like it will benefit you.

Put on your best headphones (use in-ear or noise cancelling headphones if there is any background noise) - and begin your journey. Keep your eyes closed for the entire session. From the start, take deep and slow breaths in your own pace. Each journey starts with a soundscape that is designed to emulate the feeling you are looking to process, in order to allow yourself to fully feel it. This might further intensify the emotion at first. The sounds will help you connect with the emotion, guide you through it and then release you into a state of calm and relief.
If you feel agitated during the beginning of your session, try to not abort. Instead, focus on your breath - the sounds are designed to gently carry and guide you out of this emotional state. Breathe through it.

After the journey is completed, you are encouraged to stay in your chosen position and meditate, silently reflect or even sleep - as long as you need to help release any leftover tension and let your system fully settle.
Please note these are no strict rules. All instructions given are recommendations only, that we have found achieve the results for most people. You are encouraged to find your own personal routine, which might differ from these instructions.