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The most important part is that you close your eyes, breathe and listen.
You can find more in-depth instructions on the page How to use.

Every product page features a short preview clip (about 30 seconds). This way you can find out if the sound aesthetic resonates with you, before you purchase.

In a way, yes. However, there is no voice or narrator. The sound journey guides you through your own emotional states solely by utilising sound and vibration. The recommended way to use a Cathartic Sound is to sit or lay down and breathe through it, just as if you were meditating. The experience and feeling will likely be different from a regular meditation though. Cathartic Sounds are designed to relieve pain and tension caused by specific emotions, but the result may be vastly different from a meditative state. It is recommended to meditate in silence for at least 10 minutes after using a Cathartic Sound.

In order for Cathartic Sounds to have the desired effect, you need to be ready to go deep and really work with your emotions. As with all things, not everything will resonate with everyone - if you are unsure if Cathartic Sounds are right for you, it is recommended that you purchase a single Cathartic Sound to try it out, before you buy a whole bunch. You can also listen to the preview snippet to see if the sound aesthetic feels good to you, before you purchase any Cathartic Sounds.
It should be noted that there is no need for exclusivity when using Cathartic Sounds. It is always a good idea to find and combine the practices and tools that work for you personally. Cathartic Sounds can for example be a great add-on to your regular meditation, yoga or exercise routine.

Cathartic Sounds are generally intended for personal use. They can however be used to enhance different forms of emotional work or even support a professional therapy. If you are a practitioner or medical professional and would like to use Cathartic Sounds with your clients or patients, please purchase a Practitioner License.

If you have a diagnosed medical condition, you should consult with your medical professional before using Cathartic Sounds. Please refer to this website in case of any questions.
That being said, Cathartic Sounds are a very gentle way of working with your own emotions and should pose no risk. In some rare cases, the sounds could agitate or induce uncomfortable feelings. If you are feeling unstable in any way, it is not recommended to start a journey on your own. It may be advisable to use the sounds under supervision of a medical professional. Cathartic Sounds rejects liability for any adverse effects experienced during or following the use of our products.

Meet the creator of Cathartic Sounds

I'm Daniel, a music producer and trained audio engineer with over 12 years of experience in creating sounds. Over time I have learned that making music means channeling emotions into sounds - and how creating and listening to specific soundscapes helped me to process my own emotions. With Cathartic Sounds I hope to help as many people as possible to work with their own emotions - especially those, who have a hard time vocalising or otherwise processing them.

If you would like to check out my other music as 'Otz', you can find it on Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud and Discogs. Photo: Sharyn Bachleda.

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